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Who we are

Chinese Jewelry Factory from China

Why We Are ?
Our company was set up in 2011 in Guangzhou China by Miss.Susan who feels a chance, There are numbers of worldwide Buyers are searching jewelry from all kinds of suppliers in China.

As been well known, there is hundreds of fashion jewelry, such as stainless steel jewelry, 925 silver jewelry, imitation jewelry, costume jewelry, body jewelry and so on.. Almost every Buyer has his own interests and focus on certain marketing. In the meantime, there is no supplier who can provide every jewelry covered , even the most largest one.

As per China Customs Export Report, there are more than 100,000 manufactures of fashion jewelry in China, and over 1,000 suppliers provided the same style.
So you see, the more choices are always good but it creates troubles at the same time. Then we think we can do something, that is We- The chinese-jewelry.com was born!
We are here to save your time from sorting Best Supplier among the 100,000’s;
We are here to save your money from paying more manpower in your company;
We are here to save your energy from working with different factories, talking to different faces, facing to different logistic people.